Traditional rice cooking

There are many different methods of cooking rice today compared to the past, and there are many different kinds of rice, both Jasmine White Rice Hom Mali brown rice, old rice, new rice and many other rice. What kind of rice were they cooked in the past? Methods for cooking rice such as wiping rice with water and cooking rice without wiping water In the past, what did they do? How to cook rice to be delicious What are some tips? Let’s see.
Wiping rice with water How to make delicious Charm of ancient Thai women
Cooking process:
1. Washing rice with water is to wash the rice with water. Then pouring the water out, doing 1 time is enough
2. Put water in the pot used to cook the rice. There are two traditional methods of measuring water content.
➧ Put clean hands on top of rice soaked in water. Whether it is in hand or not, 2-3 cans of rice are enough
➧ Use fingers as a measure. Because there is no pot Water meter to see By looking at our knuckles Most of them use water, about half of which is fine.
3. Ignite the fire, wait for the fire to reach, then put the pot on the stove, wait for the water to boil over, open the lid of the pot if there are moths or ants in the rice. In the past, people used to scoop out debris, weevils and ants floating above the water.
4. Light the fire by draining the ash by draining the ash and checking if the water is dry or not. If the water is dry and the rice is still not cooked, add water to it.
5. When the rice is cooked, pour out the rice water. By closing the lid of the pot and scrubbing the wooden water Have you ever seen a pot with two ears? Use bamboo as long as the width of the pot. Allow a little long for the handle to move on the fire, move the pot evenly. To dry the water Then the rice will be dry and delicious to eat Notice that the rice will not burn too much. Must be very careful
Cooking rice without wiping water is delicious, ancient Thai charm.
When choosing the rice to cook that will be soft or hard, use your hand to put it in a sack of rice. Use your hand to touch the grain of rice If the rice is pleasant, small, clear, then the rice is soft and soft. But if you feel harsh The cloudy white rice will be hard rice. Need a lot of water Equipment used The pot must be a saucepan of number 45, suitable for easy turning over rice, easy to shift in water, cook with a charcoal stove, table salt (table salt), ladle, also known as a wooden handle ladle (spatula).
How to cook rice without water
1. Wash the rice, remove the debris and grass and leave it to the water.
2. Put one third of the water of the boiler on the prepared charcoal stove. When the water boils To put a handful of table salt into it.
3. Pour the washed rice into the pot. Use a spatula to keep the rice from sticking to the bottom of the pot. Otherwise the rice will burn. Stir until the water for a month and there are bubbles to push up. Use a spatula or scoop to measure the water level. By placing a ladle or ladle on light rice Keep the spatula 90 degrees perpendicular to shift the water surface to the neck of the spatula or ladle. If the water is much, scoop it out. If less, add boiled water to it. Then close the lid of the pot.
4. Scoop out the bottom of the pot and place it on the lid of the pot. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and open it when you see that the rice has started to cook. Use a spatula to stir rice. Turn the top down. Bottom up Then cover the pot for another 15-20 minutes. The rice will be cooked thoroughly. You will get the finished rice, fragrant, soft and appetizing …
Cooking tips:
➥ Important: How do you know that the rice is cooked when you open the pot to turn it over? Test it by scooping it and taste it. Or use your hand to squeeze rice If the rice is hard, use hot water to sprinkle it and leave the thrush.
➥ Do not waste rice water. Because it is rich in vitamins that come out of So many grain Can be used to make boiled rice for the elderly and children.
➥ Use your hand to touch the grain of rice. If the rice is pleasant, small, clear, then the rice is soft and soft. But if you feel harsh The cloudy white rice will be hard rice. Requires a lot of water
➥ Traditional rice cooking Is to preserve the value of the rice
➥ When cooking rice, each type of rice will add water differently depending on the hardness and softness of the rice grain.
Plain white rice
1⁄2 old rice, 1 cup of rice per 1 1⁄2 cups of water.
➼ New rice, 1 cup of rice per 1 1⁄2 cups of water
• Brown rice
Rice is soaked in water before cooking ➼ 1 cup of rice per 1 cups of water.
1/2 cup of uncooked rice per 1/2 cups of water
Boiled rice
Use 1 cup of rice per 4 cups of water.

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